Our company is NABCEP certified. We are NABCEP Certified Installers, NABCEP EP # TS- 100414-010610 (Technical Sales) and NABCEP EP # 110112-24 (Installation Professional)


By Solar Professionals for Solar Professionals

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Board Certifications ensure you have the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of renewable energy projects and employers across the world.

Developed by subject matter experts for industry professionals, our U.S.-based certifications are built on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world needs of customers, businesses, utility companies, and governmental organizations. With a NABCEP Board Certification attached to your name, you can work in the renewable energy industry anywhere around the globe.

The PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Board Certification was created for those who have a demonstrated knowledge and expertise in qualifying prospects, site analysis, performance analysis and financial incentives of PV systems. PVTS Board Certified Professionals can collect technical requirements, analyze customer needs to determine energy usage to advise and provide customers with the most appropriate solution for their situation.

The PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Board Certification is considered the gold standard for PV professionals in the renewable energy industry. Recognized and demanded by organizations worldwide, the PVIP Board Certification validates your competence to perform in the role of PV Installation Professional, which encompasses PV design, installation, operations, commissioning and maintenance.

Since 2007, NABCEP’s PV Installation Professional Certification has met the vigorous standards for accreditation under the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons. The ANAB/ANSI symbol signals to employers and the public that the PVIP Certified Professional has undergone a valid, fair and reliable assessment to verify their skills and competencies to practice.

NABCEP Board Certifications are earned by demonstrating our training, experience, and passing rigorous exams.